Here at 18u we take your privacy very seriously. We want you to feel safe talking to us knowing you can share whatever you need to, knowing we wont share anything you say to anyone outside of 18u. There are only a few exceptions to this as stated below

  • We have consent from the person to pass on information.
  • We have to get medical attention for someone who is not capable of giving consent.
  • We receive a court order requiring us to share information.
  • We are informed about acts of terrorism or treason.
  • There is abusive behavior towards staff, volunteers or others in 18u.
  • A crime is committed in the Centre, or witnessed by, a worker or volunteer.
  • We are given information about a child or vulnerable person who is in serious danger, but cannot access our services for themselves.

Only a Director or Manager can make the decision to break confidence, and if this was to happen we would always try to let you know first.

Will you tell my parents if I am under 16?

No! We might encourage you to talk to your parents, but we will not tell them anything without your permission. This includes not telling them that you are in contact with 18u.

What if I tell you that the abuse is still happening?

We are confidential and will not tell anyone anything without your permission. If you are still being abused, we will tell you about all the different things you can do to get it to stop. We will offer to help you tell someone else, if you want to, and help you think through the next step. We can also give you information about other services and agencies if that is what you want.

You say that you will tell if I say about another child in danger. Does that mean you will tell about me?

No! Wherever possible we will keep you out of it. If we cannot and have to identify you, we will only tell the things you have told us about the other child. Anything you said about you will be confidential.

What if I tell you I self harm?

We are still confidential. We would talk to you about how to keep yourself safe and how to take care of any injuries. We could also look at other ways of managing the urges to self harm. It is important to us that you are in control.

What if I tell you that I have taken an overdose or am planning suicide?

If you tell us you have overdosed or are planning suicide, we will give you information about what you can do to help yourself. We will remain confidential. We will offer to get you help. We will remind you that if you become unconscious, we will call for medical help, as you will be unable to decide for yourself. We can only do this if we have your details. Without your details we can not get you help. We will not share any information about why you are using 18u if we were to do this.

What if I tell you that I am planning on, or have run away?

We will keep confidential. We will offer support and information to help you make decisions about what you want to do next. We do not provide accommodation but will do what we can to help you go somewhere safe.

What would happen if police or social services ask you about me?

We would tell them that we are a confidential service and would not even say that we knew you.

What if my family, friends or carers ask you about me?

We would tell them that we are a confidential service and would not even say that we knew you.